photo of 3 coloring books: Flower Power, Rainbows Happen and Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring Books

These coloring books are illustrated by the hands of Carla Kaiser in Atlanta, GA. Our books are for children and adults of all ages, and are always printed in the USA.

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photo of Mandala Coloring Book illustrated by Carla Kaiser

The Original Hand Illustrated Mandala Coloring Book

Featuring 20 of Carla's original hand illustrated mandala designs. Mandala images are known for their healing effects and are often used by art therapists and other healers.

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photo of Rainbows Happen: a coloring book illustrated by Carla Kaiser

Rainbows Happen

Rainbows Happen is specifically designed for people who like to color rainbows. Each page in the book features a hand-lettered message such as 'I like you,' or 'You're special.' Each message is surrounded by a decorative rainbow design.

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photo of Flower Power: a coloring book illustrated by Carla Kaiser

Flower Power

Flower Power is for children and adults of all ages. It's packed with original drawings inspired partly by botanical reality, but mostly by the illustrator's imagination.

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Mandala Basics

This presentation was created by using SpicyNodes technology. Use arrows at the bottom of the presentation screen to scroll through. It takes about 90 seconds to watch.

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What's a Mandala?

You can satisfy your curiosity about mandalas by watching this 90 second Prezi segment. Use the arrows to navigate.

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